After the release of Hearthstone card games have become more common on mobile devices. But the mix of CCG and Board strategy is much more unusual, and to some degree Loot & Legends can even be called unique. Successfully combining elements of both genres, the game is fun, able to give a few hours (and sometimes days and weeks) of fun gameplay.

Heroes of might and axe

At first, the user is gradually introduced to the characters, whom he will manage. The first couple of missions a player runs with a dwarf warrior, then it is joined by the elf-mage, and after — man-priest. In each mission, the characters visit various dungeons and other locations where there are opponents and must defeat them for successful completion. And that the combat system is unusual game — like Card Hunter for PC, no actions here are not made without the use of cards.

Each character has its own set of these cards. Protection, attacks, spells, movement on the field — if some abilities of the hero in the moment, to use it it will not. These cards are issued, and are relevant to any subject, you put on the character. For example, if he has a sword, which is associated with two cards on normal hit and one special move, they will be included in the deck and can at any time fall out. The quantity available at a specific point of the cards is limited, and if nothing else on this turn the player can not do this, he clicks the “Skip move” and puts his hand more features.

Cards differ not only in their purpose but also their usage. Armor, for example, is activated automatically as soon as the hero was wounded. Spells are cast at long range, and melee attacks are applied only in cases, when the character is near the enemy. There are also card-tape is operating in several moves, it can be poisoning or injury.

And the same “loot”, issued in the name of the game, can radically change applied at the levels of strategy. Perfect card with the received new weapon or armor drop is not always; often half useless. But it is connected based abilities and tactics. Got the player a hammer, with two excellent skills for melee, it means that you should wear an item that allows you to move four cells to get to the enemy. Do I have armor with high armor, you can lure enemies to themselves and to wear a thing that deals damage when you hit the character.

On finding a suitable outfit and base the whole Loot & Legends. Initially, the hero only a few available slots, and therefore the number of cards in the deck are small. Then, earning new levels, the character gains access to additional slots and uses more things. But managing its own inventory becomes more difficult, as subjects tens. It is worth noting that, even though they differ in degrees of rarity, quite often an ordinary object may be better than the rare just because came with him maps more useful in most situations.

Countless treasures

To new things can be for completing each of the levels — they drop from the special chests with random rewards. Chests can also be purchased for virtual currency — gold coins and pizza. Coins present constantly and everywhere, so they do not feel the lack, but fall of those chests are not the most impressive items. But if you buy sets for the “paid” pizza, rare and unique items in the inventory will be more.

Earn pizza and not giving money — for this there is a mode “arena”. The trio of main characters confronts the same characters, controlled by artificial intelligence. It is not clear why there is no possibility to play against a live user, but it is possible that the developers did not expect too long life of the game and decided not to complicate passage to the future newcomers. Anyway, the “Arena” you can get not only pizza, but also legendary items, and this mode is available for free — but only once every few hours.

There’s also a reward sometimes give the so-called “club membership” that is a increased chances of obtaining legendary weapons and armor after each battle. Membership can last 24 hours or all week, but the time expires regardless of a running game or not.

The important thing is that devoid of energy, shrinking with each new level. Here you can play as long as you like, and a cross between card and table games it is a very important detail. Because the interest is not quenched, because every time there is an opportunity to come up with new tactics and strategies and use the skills and abilities of the characters. The developers managed to achieve such a balance, which is necessary for such a project that expands on the shareware model.

Pros: original idea and excellent implementation; the ability to obtain both in-game currency for free; of enduring interest and a large number of “loot”.

Cons: the lack of PvP modes with decent rewards.

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