Before you install on your mobile device Mazecraft (not to be confused with Minecraft), it is worth considering that all of the content in the game is created either by other users or by the player himself. This, if anything, a small set of tools as LittleBigPlanet on the PlayStation, only much more simple and interesting storyline. And that is his main problem, every day making the game less attractive to newcomers.

Director himself

First, the user creates his character. A woman, a man, a man with a beard, a man in a suit — the choice is affected solely on appearance, and excessive vegetation on the face will not add any bonuses. Then started training for a couple of seconds to explain the controls: to move one cell you need to hold your finger on the screen and running in a predetermined direction to hold it on the display. Each level has a start point and finish, and between them they can meet a variety of obstacles: crawl out of the ground spikes, falling boulders, running or flying monsters, but in teaching there is nothing.

When this trial is completed the level ends and the game itself. Then the user is prompted to open a list of locations, invented by the community, or even create your own. The idea is certainly excellent: creative people can implement their original ideas, and the rest of the players will always be new levels to complete. But, as you might guess, this system has serious shortcomings, because of which the first impression can deteriorate very quickly.

Even if you open the list recommended by the community levels, it is likely to stumble on a stupid maze. Some require you contact the author to obtain the password to the door, standing right before the finish line. Others are extremely complex, and everywhere they placed dangerous obstacles. There are some who need to go more than three minutes, and one of the last stages is a arm-trap that activates a falling boulder. Of course, the “trolls” are missing in the community of any game, but the complete lack of created by the developers of the levels literally have to deal with such challenges.

However, not all creators in Mazecraft such. Many are trying to come up with really interesting puzzles using all the features. With the mind set traps and obstacles placed in sufficient quantities of gold coins and other bonuses, I propose to take location gradually. Such levels are obviously much more interesting. Not to look for a needle in a haystack, you can subscribe to favorite authors and receive notifications when they post their new job.

Though these levels a lot, and finding them is often not possible. At the top, for some reason, are the above-described mission, to pass which are often unrealistic, and do a search there is that the name. And people will not choose the level with the title where there are no loud or funny words, so great work is lost under the weight of irrelevant and uninteresting nonsense, created only to attract attention.

Crazy stick

If a player is faced with the same mess and can’t find anything interesting, he can open the level editor and come up with something different. There are many possibilities, and management is clear. Every item that a user wants to post, will cost a few gold coins (they’re the only virtual currency). Make them very simple, because some of the levels people created to obtain a large amount of money. Here only to carry more than 999 coins not what the only possible setting is a Greek — to create compared to other sets, you will have to pay real money for the so-called increase of the purse.

But no matter how interesting and original the level the player has created, he will face the same problem — his creation can never find. To get to the top is very difficult, and hope for the section’s new trials not worth it — newcomers appear every half hour and will quickly clog the entire list, leaving you no chance. You have to rely on a good name, but it does not always save.

There are problems with management (the hero that goes where he is asked, does not respond to touch and die), but it is unlikely they will bother you as long in you do not linger. Developers should have come up with at least a few examples of your own showing what you can create using built-in tools, but they all decided to shoulder his audience. And that publishes the same stupid and pointless levels or exhibits such a high complexity that the question arises: have they passed it on their own? A good idea was poorly implemented, but we are talking about mobile platforms, and thus a worthy replacement

Pros: detailed editor, funny style.

Cons: the complete absence of pre-established levels; custom creations every day less and less interesting and original.

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