Everyone likes to build their own Empire, or at least the city and can be a last resort and garden. Take care to Refine, improve, and then that it is highly desirable, and attack more. In the neighboring gardens, Yes. Of course, when talking about a military base, so it is handy. Falafel Games has decided to make another paramilitary “farm” in order to gratify the desire of players to divide and conquer.

What is the force, brother?
Of course, more powerful tanks. Attribites slowly, “rock” buildings, new build, gather resources. Because in Raid and Rule will have on two fronts to try. First, assemble a decent squad to attack. To train your strength, has a multi-stage single-player campaign will have one to occupy the enemy base. As a reward, give resources, all honor and respect.

But the most interesting, of course, is to attack real enemies. As it usually happens in this kind of games, do not lose vigilance and build up your own base paying attention not only to peaceful construction, but also for all kinds of protection. Efficiently and completely enclose all the walls, wielding guns here and there, and even more “pumped” to all “units” perished on the way to your main building.

Of course, the enemy is busy exactly the same, so in the early levels easier, but the more players are “shaken up” the more serious resistance can provide. Although both the level of defense increasing and the level of attack at our disposal are more powerful “units”, not only ground, but air support.

Further — more, as soon as you feel cool enough, unite with other players in the coalition and continue to dictate the enemies rules.

Raid and Rule can be downloaded absolutely free this means that during the passage we will be faced with the need of real spending. The most important question: is it possible to play relaxed and without a cash infusion? Only if you are a supporter of a very leisurely “flow”. So far, the balance Raid and Rule is configured so that virtually every step you will have to pay. Most of the actions performed a long time to accelerate, you will need diamonds to get that is very, very difficult.

To broaden its base requires “pumping” of the main building, which is held only for resources. The construction of new “units” to attack foreign bases also requires resources — so, to get the resources we need to spend it. Thus, even if you win, their fighters do not get back. Therefore earned will go again to collect an army…
Raid and Rule the game review
Algeria, watch out!

If you like to spend one or two fights a day, distracted by the game the night among other works, then you most likely will not feel any inconvenience. But for those who like to hang around in this kind of fun for hours

Raid and Rule would seem not too balanced. The developers promise further major design changes, such as more realistic and advanced combat “units”. May be, and in balance tweak anything?

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