Fashion social games gradually eroding. To win user in that niche easier. And all sorts of economic strategy, on the contrary, are at the Zenith of fame. And attract more people. On the decline of the popularity of one genre and the peak of another custom, hybrids are born. Such as VirCities, where concern for the lives of his “avatar” combined with a character advancement for the economic and political ladder.

A character in a standard RPG, change gear, and “pumped”.

Big city life, me try forget by…

First you need to choose the city in which we live and strive for glory. And among the real capitals, and among them will be and Moscow. By creating a profile, specifying a name and selecting the face of the hero or heroine, we find ourselves in a virtual metropolis. It does not consist of squares and streets, and from the tables and icons. The locals bring us up to speed, offering the job involving gameplay. To work, go the gym, beaten with the bandits in the alley, to purchase the shopping center… Everything in life! Balance VirCities also life is built on energy, health and money and their proper use.

Money coming for the work, completing tasks, and later for the business or activity as a doctor or a trainer. Energy spent on any activity, from gym, increasing the combat indicators, to catch fish, which you can then sell. Restored it on their own, over time. This process can be accelerated with the help of food or, you guessed it, the premium currency (read: “donation”). Finally, health is necessary for battles. The World VirCities cruel, it is inhabited by computer-controlled gang, and with real people and neighboring cities to compete. To influence in combat for anything impossible, all depends on how you “pimped” indicators and as a hero equipped.

All this is quite standard social system is diluted by the economy. As a coach, you assign a competitive price for their services, opening the office, attract employees a nice salary, shareholders good dividends. Taking up politics and join the party, you can get out to the mayors of the town and control for globally controlling the level of taxes, research and private areas. However, success is possible and as the owner of factories, Newspapers, expensive apartment luxury furniture. After all, as some of The Sims, there is housing affecting the prestige.

The city for the nostalgic

In theory, the system seems logical and appropriate rather for short sessions in transport. It is clear that interest strongly depends on interactions between gamers. But they can confuse the simplicity of the design. There are no “beautiful” — only menu with simple icons and text in the beta is not even music. We like back to the beginning of the two thousandths, during the popularity of “Fight club”. In individuals older than twenty-five may experience a certain nostalgic urge. The only explanation, except for the budget, may lie in the fact that VirCities runs even on very old and weak devices with single-core CPUs (in the case of Android) and iOS 6 (Apple version).

The interface is organized is not always logical — sometimes to get to the desired item takes a few extra taps. But everything works flawlessly, quickly, and efficiently translated into Russian (only certain alerts were in English). Of course, you will need a stable Internet connection, but this is the norm for games with real people.

To promote social levels real money investments are required. Just need to shift attention to certain tasks, which could propel you forward. Individual items are not too interrelated — for example, work is almost not needed (this was unrealistic, and Yes to the best), so you can enjoy daily tasks that require to do a little of everything. In this sense, the action recalls browser eRepublik for the slow progress enough for 20 minutes a day, interest is not lost.

To open your own business is the best way to get rich. But save for it should be pretty.

it is necessary to praise not so much for what has already been done (a draft is at an early stage of development), how many for the vector. There’s potentially an interesting set mechanic, and it should appeal to more or less adult players, tired from the natives, castles, farms and other “funs” with tinsel. But will we manage to develop and popularize, will depend on the further efforts of the developers, including attracting and retaining users.

extensive social component, complemented by politics and Economics; it does not require investing money; runs on older devices.

too simple a design: schematic graphics and no music; the individual activities are linked only storyline quests.

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